Reading Room

University Archives & Historical Collections (UAHC) serves the public by making historical materials available for research. Our policies and procedures were created to balance the needs of researchers with the long-term preservation and security of our holdings.

Researchers do not need to make appointments, but please be aware that some materials are stored off site. Individuals coming from out of town should contact the reference staff ahead of time to ensure that all materials are pulled and ready.

Rules and regulations

Each researcher in the UAHC must complete a researcher application form and present photo identification. Please note that data from this form may be used for statistical purposes.

  • Materials from the UAHC must be used in the reading room.
  • No material may be checked out or leave the premises.
  • Leave all other personal belongings in the lockers provided.
  • Pencils are the only writing implements allowed in the reading room.
  • Laptops are permitted and free wireless Internet is available.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the reading room.

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Obtaining materials

Call slips are used to request materials in the UAHC.

Fill out the slip completely with the collection name and number and box and folder numbers. Sign and date the form.

Use one call slip for each separate box or volume. Reference staff will issue only one box of material at a time.

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Care and proper handling

Please handle all materials with care. These materials are unique and any damage results in permanent loss of information.

Materials should be kept flat on the table at all times. Do not add or erase any marks that are on documents. The reference staff will provide cotton gloves when handling photographic prints or fragile materials.

Please remove only one folder from a box at a time. Keep items in the same order and in the same folder they come from. If you think that there is a mistake with arrangement, notify the reference archivist. Please do not rearrange materials yourself.

If you need copies made of materials, ask the reference archivist about the proper procedure. Do not remove materials from folders and set them aside.

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Access restrictions

The use of certain materials is restricted for legal reasons or by the request of the donor. The UAHC also reserves the right to restrict access to materials that are not arranged or are exceptionally fragile. In some cases, preservation copies may be substituted for the originals.

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