Vital Records

A vital record is identified as essential for the continuation or survival of the university if disaster strikes. Such records are necessary to re-create the university’s legal and financial status and to determine the rights and obligations of employees and students. These records generally make up only a small percentage (3-5%) of the recorded data created by an organization.

Vital records are:

  • Critical to the function and mission of the university
  • Essential for the continuous operation or reconstruction of any university-owned buildings
  • Necessary to establish or protect the legal or financial position of the university
  • Necessary to protect and ensure the rights and interests of employees and students

Examples include:

  • Current payroll records necessary to pay employees
  • Master student academic records necessary to show completion of course work
  • Employee service records required for protection of tenure and retirement status
  • Drawings and specifications required to repair and maintain university facilities
  • Records necessary to establish university ownership of buildings, equipment, and land
  • Patent license agreements

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