Retention Schedule

Retention schedules are the primary tool of records management. A retention schedule is a document defining the nature of the records that are created by an organization or academic unit as well as the appropriate retention period. Organized by grouping records into record series, the schedule provides guidance on managing records throughout their life cycle according to the legal, fiscal, administrative, and historical needs of the university.

The retention schedule also identifies the final disposition of records in accordance with federal and state laws, university regulations, and historical value. All records will either be kept permanently or destroyed after a specified period of time.

Please note that all records pertaining to ongoing or pending audits, lawsuits or even reasonably anticipated lawsuits, and public disclosure proceedings may not be destroyed, damaged, or altered until the issue is resolved and an office or unit has been specifically advised that such records may be destroyed. Any of these conditions supersedes the retention period listed in the records retention schedule, and records destruction will be suspended.

Record series

A record series is a set of records identical in form and/or function and have approximately the same date, fiscal year, or logical chronological grouping. These records support specific functions of a department or unit.

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