Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the records management program is to promote efficient administration and management of the records of Michigan State University. University Archives & Historical Collections staff provide guidance on maintenance, retention, and storage of official university records based on their legal, administrative, and historical value to MSU.

Records management is vital to the university. It ensures compliance with institutional regulations and state and federal laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The university is legally required to keep certain documents for a specified period of time.

Records management offers other significant advantages to the university. These are:

  • Increased administrative efficiency—Employees are more efficient when records are organized and accessible.
  • Office space savings—Valuable space is freed up as inactive records are transferred to UAHC.
  • Retained control of records—Transferred inactive records can be retrieved as needed by an office until they are destroyed or retained in the historical archives.
  • Security—UAHC offers secure storage for inactive records through an off-site vendor.

These benefits are achieved by following records management best practices, including identifying university records, organizing records in departments and offices, transferring inactive records to off-site storage, and approving records destruction when appropriate.

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