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Stack, Joseph W.
Joseph W. Stack papers
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Biographical Note

Joseph William Stack was born in Jefferson, Ohio on February 2, 1893. His parents were Robert S. Stack, a railroad clerk, and Ann M. Murray. Graduating from Jefferson High School in 1911, he received a B.S. (1915) and an M.S. (1918) from Notre Dame University. He also attended Ohio State University for a short while in 1916.

Stack came to Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) in 1915 as an instructor in zoology, physiology, and geology. In 1924 he began serving as the curator of the museum and was appointed director in 1941. In 1942 the Department of Zoology promoted him to professor. With his particular area of interest centering on ornithology and bird banding, Stack continued the bird banding station started in 1923. He was also involved in the Works Progress Administration Museum Project and the Committee to Reorganize the Curriculum.

Joseph Stack was married to Helen Elizabeth Dodge on September 6, 1917. They had two children, Joseph William Stack, Jr. and Helen Elizabeth Stack. Stack died in 1954. Additional biographical data and a list of university positions held and other affiliations are included in the biographical section of the collection.

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Scope and Contents note

The Joseph W. Stack papers relate to Stack's tenure as a professor in the Department of Zoology and as curator and director of the MSU Museum. His particular areas of interest were ornithology and bird banding. Other subjects covered in Stack's papers are the university curriculum, the Inland Bird Banding Association, and Stack's work with the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Materials found in the collection include maps, bird banding records, student reports and papers, manuscripts, publications, and WKAR radio scripts.

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The container listing is organized alphabetically by subject title and is also in alphabetical order within each subject.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections April 1986

Conrad Hall
888 Wilson Road, Room 101
East Lansing , MI, 48824

Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open for research. Student records are restricted (box 1024, folders 35-41)

Legal Status note

Copyright: Michigan State University. Property Rights: Michigan State University.

Conditions Governing Use

Permission to publish material from this collection must be obtained from University Archives & Historical Collections, Michigan State University.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Inland Bird Banding Association (U.S.).
  • Michigan State University. Department of Zoology.


  • Annual reports
  • Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Manuscripts
  • Memorandums
  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • Publications
  • Stereographs

Personal Name(s)

  • Hannah, John A., 1902-1991
  • Stack, Joseph W. -- Archives


  • Bird banding -- Michigan
  • Birds -- Michigan
  • Zoology
  • Zoology -- Study and teaching

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Collection Inventory


Box Folder

Personal and miscellaneous 1936-1954 

1024 1

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Box Folder

Bird banding records 1927-1959 

1026 1

Bird notes, miscellaneous 1933, Undated 

1024 2

Birds. Glossary of banding terms, bibliography of bird migration, bird references 1925, 1953, Undated 

1024 3

Census reports. Ruffed Grouse, Horned Lark, Pheasant census form 1936-1938 

1024 4

Census reports. Fall preseason wildlife census, full Wildlife census 1941 

1024 5

Correspondence 1925-1952 

1026 2-6

Field list of Michigan Birds, Spring migration records, Bird breeding records Biology club speech, Model wren house plan 1936-[Circa 1940], Undated 

1026 7

Grade books. RESTRICTED 1923-1949 

1024 35-41

Memorandums 1927-1951 

1024 6

Newspaper clippings (photocopies) on mammals 1927, Undated 

1024 7

Newspaper clippings (photocopies), various subjects 1926-1951 

1024 7

Record cards. Acanthis-Zenaida Undated 

1026 8-38

Record cards. Bird skin location in Michigan. C-Z Undated 

1026 39-43

Student reports. Ecology 1924-1942, Undated 

1024 9-19

Student reports. Ornithology 1924-1941 

1024 20-27

Student reports. Zoology 1927-[Circa 1948] 

1024 28-31

Williamston Game Project. Bird banding data, field survey, expense statements 1931 

1024 32

Zoology miscellaneous. Nature study teaching, Deer hunting information, Barrows Wildlife Sanctuary Plan 1927-1945, Undated 

1024 33

Zoology notes and laboratory directions 1916, Undated 

1024 34

Hannah, John A. Addresses 1952-1953 

1025 20

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Box Folder

"Bird Banding Notes," Nos. 15-16 1937-1938 

1025 1

Correspondence 1938-1939 

1025 2-3

Correspondence (Stack with officers 1938-1939 

1025 4-5

"IBBA News," Vols. 8-11 1934-1939 

1025 6

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Box Folder

"Isle Royale Bird Notes," "Whitefish Point, Chippewa County Bird Notes" 1924-1925 

1025 7

"Where Birds go from Lansing," "Nesting Habits of the Black Skimmer" [Circa 1928], 1931 

1025 8

"Student Project Outline on Fish," "Animal Interrelations," "Blue Feathers" 1935, Undated 

1025 9

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Box Folder

Bird Banding Papers 

1025 10

"Epidermoid Cancer on the Feet of Wild Birds" Undated 

1025 12

"Longevity in Birds," "Attracting Winter Birds," "Duck Banding" 1934-[1949] 

1025 11

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Box Folder

Annual Reports 1943-1950 

1025 19

Correspondence 1941-1953 

1025 14-18

Morofsky Donation listing 1934 

1025 13

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Box Folder

"Agricultural Land Classification and Land Types of Michigan" 1933 

1025 24

50th Anniversary of Field Museum, Chicago 1943 

1025 26

"Mechanics of Pheasant Hunting," Desmognathus fusca fragment Undated 

1025 28

"Muskrat Catches by County in Michigan" 1931 

1025 22

"Nature Notes, Yellowstone National Park," "Biology Briefs" 1938 

1025 25

"Results of 1947 Grouse Survey", Technical publications by Zoology Staff Members, MSC 1948 

1025 27

"Soil Survey of Montgomery County, MI" 1933 

1025 23

United States Government 1921-1937, Undated 

1025 21

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Box Folder

"Aquatic Life with Special Reference to Entomostraca," "Flying Squirrel" 1919, 1925 

1025 29

"European Starling in Michigan" Undated 

1025 32

Horticultural News ("Attracting Winter Birds") 1942 

1025 30

"17 Years of Banding White-Throated Sparrows and Slate-Colored Juncos at MSC, "Weights and Temperatures of Michigan Birds" 1944 

1025 31

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Box Folder

Advisory Committee of the Applied Sciences Division 1943-1944 

1025 33

Agendas and minutes, Committee for Reorganization of the Curriculum 1944 

1025 34

Arts and Sciences Subcommittee 1944 

1025 35

Basic Education Plan Committee Minutes 1944 

1025 36-37

Committee on the Basic College 1944-1945, Undated 

1025 38-39

Effective Living Course Materials 1944-1945 

1025 40-41

Newspaper clippings (photocopies) 1944 

1025 42

Physical and Biological Sciences Course Outline Undated 

1025 43

Plans, Admissions 1944 

1025 44

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Box Folder

Bird Talks 1926 

1025 48

Bird Talks for Children 1925 

1025 45-47

Campus Caller 1946 

1025 60

Collected Radio Scripts: Winter Bird Feeding, Dust Storms, Sport Fishing in Michigan, Sandy Creek Soil Erosion Project 1934-1936 

1025 62

Let's Visit the Museum 1947 

1025 61

Outline of Bird Talks 1937 

1025 57

Radio Talks on Birds 1931-1932 

1025 50-51

Radio Biology Course 1933-1934 

1025 52-53

Radio Biology Course Outline [Circa 1933] 

1025 54

Radio School of Biology 1935-1936 

1025 55-56

Radio Talk on MSC Field Camp of Biology and Wildlife Management 1941 

1025 58

Special Courses by Radio (manuscript) 1928 

1025 49

Special Courses by Radio (publication) 1927-1928 

1025 63

Today's Conservation, Facts Concerning the MSU MUseum 1942 

1025 59

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Box Folder

Correspondence 1938-1941 

1025 64-65

Description, Proposal 1938-1940 

1025 66

Expenditures and Contributions 

1025 67-68

Museum Cases 

1025 69

Statewide Bulletin, Nos. 2, 4, 7 1939 

1025 70-71

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Department of Zoology 

Annotated map. Sharp tailed Grouse, Michigan habitat 1931 

Annotated U.S. maps. Duck migration routes [Circa 1941-Circa 1942], Undated 

Floor plan for [Detroit Zoo Bird House] Undated 

Table of first arrivals (Birds) Undated 

W.K. Kellogg Bird Sanctuary map Undated 

Williamston Game Project. Map of Bath, MI, 2 maps of Williamston Township, MI, road map of Clinton County, MI 1935, Undated 

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Collection Photographs

Anatomy. Human. Bones. 


Animals. Beavers. 

Animals. Birds (17 folders). 

Animals. Birds. Banding. 

Animals. Birds. Birdhouses. 

Animals. Birds. Cages (3 folders). 

Animals. Birds. Feet. 

Box Folder

Animals. Birds. Graphs and Charts 

1025 72

Animals. Birds. Migration routes. 

Animals. Birds. Nests (10 folders). 

Animals. Birds. Skeletons. 

Animals. Cattle. 

Animals. Chipmunks. 

Animals. Coyotes. 

Animals. Deer. 

Animals. Elephants. 

Animals. Lizards. 

Animals. Lynx. 

Animals. Opossums. 

Animals. Scorpions. 

Animals. Skunks. 

Animals. Snakes. 

Animals. Squirrels. 

Buildings damaged by tornado. 

Canada. Ontario. 







Michigan State University. Laboratories. 

Michigan State University. Buildings. Linton Hall (Library-Museum). Displays. 

Michigan State University. Scenes. Beal Botanical Garden. 

Michigan State University. Students. 

New York. 

Ornithological associations. 


People. Gloyd, Howard K. 

People. Heston, Walt E. 

People. Orwoll, Harold S. 

People. Permar, Dorothy. 

People. Unidentified. 

People. Warbach, Oz. 




Tule Well Camp. 

United States Navy. Men on board ship. 

Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Faculty. 

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Oversized Photographs 

OS 17

Michigan State University. Students. Class pictures. Class of 1900. 

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Animals. Birds (2 folders). 

Animals. Birds. Nests (2 folders). 

Animals. Toads. 

Michigan State University. Clear Lake Summer Camp. 

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Animals. Llamas. 

Animals. Vicunas. 

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