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Crane, Maurice, 1926-2014
Maurice Crane papers
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Maurice Aaron Crane was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 6, 1926. He received his M.A. in English from the University of Chicago in 1950 and his Ph.D. in English from the University of Illinois in 1953. Crane came to Michigan State College (now Michigan State University) in 1953 to teach Humanities. He later achieved the rank of full professor in 1967. During his tenure, he taught overseas at the University of London and Ryukyu Daigaku. He also took a sabbatical at Cambridge University. He was also part of the group that started the Honors College. In 1974, Crane was appointed director of the Vincent Voice Library at MSU. During his time as Head of the Vincent Voice Library, Crane opened up the card catalog to the public and made the collection available for items to be borrowed that were without copyright restrictions. He also added more recordings in all subject areas, such as speeches of U.S. Presidents, labor history, popular culture, the history of Michigan State University, and intellectual and political history to the Voice Library.

Crane was also involved in many other projects. He wrote, performed in, and created music for a dozen educational films. He also had six television series, four radio series, including “Voices of Times Past” which ran for three years on PBS, and “Spin Back the Years.” He published articles, reviews, fiction, and poetry that appeared in local magazines and scholarly journals. Crane received awards for his work, including first prize at the Venice Film Festival (1961), Wilson Hall Outstanding Teacher Award (1963), Omicron Delta Kappa (Honoris Causa) (1969) and Tau Sigma (Honoris Causa) (1978). Crane won the highest awards given by MSU students (Honors College Outstanding Professor Award, 1969), by faculty (Michigan State University Distinguished Faculty Award, 1979), and by alumni (Lifetime member Honoris Causa of the MSU Alumni Association, 1988.) He was also nominated for a Grammy Award in 1984 for his three-cassette series on Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s speeches that were selected by the Book of the Month Club.

Crane formed and lead a Dixieland jazz band called the Geriatric Six Plus One in 1970. The band consisted of six MSU faculty members and a fellow musician from Lansing. Over time, different professors from campus would also join the band. They played gigs at the University Club and other events. In 1976, MSU Athletics Director Joe Kearney invited the group to play before home football games. This tradition lasted around 31 years, with the band also traveling to some away games. The band donated proceeds from its recordings and performances to MSU’s Jazz Studies program. The group disbanded in 2009.

Crane retired from MSU in 2000 and continued to live in the East Lansing area until his death on June 1, 2014.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains correspondence, documents from the Vincent Voice Library, Maurice Crane's teaching notes and cassette tapes for classes he taught, photographs, newspaper clippings, and publications. The cassette tapes contain speeches of famous people and events.

Also in the collection are materials related to the Geriatric Six Plus One band, such as newspaper clippings, flyers/announcements, and photographs.

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections December 30, 2015

Conrad Hall
888 Wilson Road, Room 101
East Lansing , MI, 48824

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 Added more correspondence and Crane/Voice library goals and evaluations; October 24, 2016 October 24, 2016

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Copyright: Michigan State University. Property Rights: Michigan State University.

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Permission to publish material from this collection must be obtained from University Archives & Historical Collections, Michigan State University.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Geriatric Six Plus One.


  • Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
  • Course materials
  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Newspapers
  • Oral histories
  • Photographs
  • Publications
  • Sound recordings

Personal Name(s)

  • Crane, Maurice, 1926-2014
  • Nye, Russel B., (Russel Blaine), 1913-1993


  • English literature -- Study and teaching (Higher)
  • Jazz
  • Popular culture -- Study and teaching

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Collection Inventory

Box Folder

Agreement with Peter Pan Industries with cassette tape 1986 

5500 1

All-University Outreach Grant Competition 1996 

5500 2

"American English Dialect Recordings Collection" from the Center for Applied Linguistics October 27, 1986 

5500 3

American Poultry Historical Society. List of Cassettes on Oral History undated 

5500 4

Announcements/Flyers 1993-1996, undated 

5500 5

Annual Report of the Director of Libraries 1987-1988 

5500 6

Annual Report of the Voice Library 1988-1989 

5500 7


Box Folder

G. Robert Vincent 1965, undated 

5500 8

Sound Recordings 1955-1996, undated 

5500 9

Vincent Voice Library 1996, undated 

5500 10

Voice Library by John Shaw undated 

5500 11
Box Folder

"Arts and Entertainment Fads". Only contents and notes 1990 

5500 12

Association for Recorded Sound Collections, Inc. Bulletin 1975 

5500 13

Audio-Visual and Voice Libraries Budget and Equipment Request 1987-1988 

5500 14

Bailey Scholars Program August 23-25, 1988 

5500 15

"The Big Broadcast" and Notes 1973, undated 

5500 16

Book of the Month Club 

Box Folder

Roosevelt 1983-1984, undated 

5500 17

Truman 1984, undated 

5500 18
Box Folder

Comments about the Vincent Voice Library World Wide Web Page 1996, undated 

5500 19

Consortium of Popular Culture Collections in the Midwest (CPCCM) undated 

5500 20

"Conversations" 1963-1964 

5500 21


Box Folder

 1965-1999, undated 

5500 22

The Geriatric Six Plus One 1970-1995, undated 

5500 23
Box Folder

Crane's Class Notes in Oral History 1975 

5500 24

Crane's Goals and Objectives 1974-1999, undated 

5500 25

Crane's Librarian Annual Performance Evaluation 1993-1994, 1998-1999 

5500 26

Crane's Notes for Lectures undated 

5500 27

Crane's Retirement Options 1988-1991, undated 

5500 28

Crane's Tenure 1989 

5500 29

Curriculum Vitae and Accomplishments undated 

5500 30

Descriptive Guide to the G. Robert Vincent Voice Library 1978 

5500 31

Distingished Faculty Award Nomination 1994-1995 

5500 32

Dossier Checklist for Library Faculty Advisory Committee on Reappointment February 15, 1994 

5500 33


Box Folder

English 241 and 242 undated 

5500 34

English 242 1991 

5500 35

English 341 1997 

5500 36

English 341 Class Notes, Part 1 1998 

5500 37

English 341 Class Notes, Part 2 1998 

5500 38

English 341 Class Notes, Part 3 1998 

5500 39

English 341 Class Notes, Second Half, Part 1 undated 

5500 40

English 341 Class Notes, Second Half, Part 2 undated 

5500 41

English 341 Class Notes undated 

5500 42
Box Folder

Events that Crane Participated In 1987-1988, 1995, undated 

5500 43

First Draft of "Our Intellectual Lighthouse" February 18, 1992 

5500 44

General Reader's Services Goals and Objectives 1986-1988 

5500 45

Geriatric Six Plus One 

Box Folder

The Geriatric Six Plus One 1985, 1988, 1996, undated 

5500 46

The Geriatric Six Plus One Band Member Biographical Information undated 

5500 47

The Geriatric Six Plus One Programs/Flyers 1974-1990, undated 

5500 48
Box Folder

Goals and Objectives of the Vincent Voice Library 1985-1989, undated 

5500 49

Goals for the Future Michigan State University Libraries 1990 

5500 50

Grant Proposals 1985-1995, undated 

5500 51

"Guide to the Science Fiction Oral History Association Archives" May 1983 

5500 52

Highlights of Recollections on Topics Discussed with President Gerald R. Ford July 15, 1987 

5500 53

"Impaled on a Horn: The Jazz Trumpeter as Tragic Hero" by Maurice Crane 1958 

5500 54

The Inauguration of John A. DiBiaggio as Seventeenth President of MSU Program September 29, 1985 

5500 55

Information Needed for Annual Report 1961-1976 

5500 56

Issues at the Vincent Voice Library undated 

5500 57

Librarian Annual Performance Evaluation 1993-1994 

5500 58

Memorial Service Program for John Adam Yunck III undated 

5500 59

Merit Nomination Form for John Dee Shaw undated 

5500 60

Michigan Oral History Association 1992-1997 

5500 61

Michigan Oral History Council 1987, 1991 

5500 62

Michigan Public Radio Network. Sesquicentennial Commission Calendar November 26, 1986 

5500 63

Minutes of the Library Advisory Council February 15, 1989 

5500 64

MRLT PACLink Implementation Schedule Document December 14, 1993 

5500 65

MSU Collections Guide Updated Information April 8, 1999 

5500 66

MSU Debate Team 1995 

5500 67

MSU Library Staff Association Membership Card 1995-1996 

5500 68

National Voice Library at Michigan State University: A Proposal for Supplementary Funds to Expand and to Disseminate the Collection on a National Scale undated 

5501 1

Newsletter. Michigan Victorian Summer 1995 

5501 2

Newspaper Article. The Christian Science Monitor November 18, 1992 

5501 3

Newspaper Article. MSU News-Bulletin July 25, 1974 

5501 4

Newspaper Clipping 

Box Folder

DiBiaggio, Carolyn undated 

5501 5

FPEA Scholarship Awarded to Jonathan B. Crane November 1971 

5501 6

Geriatric Six Plus One 1975-1988, undated 

5501 7

M. Cecil Mackey Jr. from the Flint Journal June 13, 1979 

5501 8

Maurice Crane undated 

5501 9

Reviews written by Maurice Crane 1971-1976, undated 

5501 10

Vincent Voice Library 1983-1999, undated 

5501 11
Box Folder

Nye, Russell B. 1975-1983, undated 

5501 12

Off-Air Recording by Instructional Television Services 1987-1988 

5501 13

Old Radio Shticks undated 

5501 14

Oldsmobile History Center undated 

5501 15

Oral History Association 1977-1979 

5501 16

"Overture" by Maurice Crane June 1971 

5501 17

Permission to Use Crane's Work in a Text Book September 29, 1994 

5501 18

Poems Written by Maurice Crane that appeared in the University College Quarterly 1980 and updated 

5501 19

Policy and Procedure Statement of the MSU Libraries February 15, 1986 

5501 20

Popular Culture Class 

Box Folder

Part 1 undated 

5501 21

Part 2 undated 

5501 22

Notes undated 

5501 23
Box Folder

Proposal for Digitization of and Internet Access to Materials from the Vincent Voice Library Circa 1993 

5501 24

Program. Michigan Antique Radio Club Founders All Extravaganza July 7, 1995 

5501 25

Program. MSU Patriarchs Luncheon and Tea Dance May 31, 1996 

5501 26


Box Folder

The American Examiner: A Forum of Ideas, Vol. 1 No. 2 Fall 1972 

5501 27

Articles written by Maurice Crane 1955-1988, undated 

5501 28

The Cambridge Review, Vol. 86 No. 2091 January 30, 1965 

5501 29

Communications Winter 1969 

5501 30

Educational Development Program, No. 4 Fall 1968 

5501 31

Educational Development Program Comment, No. 9 April 1971 

5501 32

The Geriatric Six Plus One 1974, undated 

5501 33

Labor History, Vol. 26 No. 2 Spring 1985 

5501 34

Lansing Metropolitan, Spring Issue, Vol. 11 No. 1 1992 

5501 35

Metropolitan Quarterly Fall 1984 

5501 36

MSU Alumni Magazine, Vol. 10 No. 1 Fall 1992 

5501 37

MSU News-Bulletin, Vol. 5 No. 14 January 24, 1974, undated 

5501 38

MSU News-Bulletin, Vol. 30 No. 22 July 29, 1999 

5501 39

The MSU Orient, Vol. 6 No. 3 1971 

5501 40

MSU Today, Vol. 7 No. 4 Summer 1988 

5501 41

MSU Today. From Ed Zabrusky about Crane undated 

5501 42

National Educational Radio Network Winter Program Offering January-March 1970 

5501 43

The NES 1995 

5501 44

Professional Speaker April 1994 

5501 45

Spartan Stadium Sideliner October 8, 1983 

5501 46
Box Folder

"Purely Academic: A Polemical Memoir" by Lois Jacobs Zimring undated 

5501 47

Radio Show Scripts. The Business Century: 1833-1984 1984 

5501 48

Rejoice! Rejoice! by H. Owen Reed 1977 

5501 49

Rental Ad Posted by Crane undated 

5501 50

Retirement Dinner Honoring Jordan H. Levin February 11, 1977 

5501 51

Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Marble/Bailey Communities Program November 19, 1987 

5501 53

Sound Recordings Listings undated 

5501 54

Speeches Given by Maurice Crane 1973, undated 

5501 55

Supplemental List of Sources for Research Funding in the Arts and Humanitites September 1980 

5501 56

Teaching Overhead Project Photos undated 

5501 57

Thank You Notes 1995-1996, undated 

5501 58

To the President's Commission on Admissions October 23, 1970 

5501 59

Tower Guard 1995, 1997, undated 

5501 60

Untitled Book about Popular Arts undated 

5501 61

University Library Newsletter, Vol. 15 No. 2 November/December 1982 

5501 62

Varsity Alumni "S" Club Spring Outing Program May 20, 1994 

5501 63

Voice Library Worksheets 1980-1990, undated 

5501 64

War Lecture, Great Issues Notes undated 

5501 65

WKAR Community Radio Program Project undated 

5501 66

Writings by Crane undated 

5501 67


Box Folder

Geriatric Six Plus One undate 

5501 68

Humor Cartoon/Photo of Elayne and Maurice Crane undated 

5501 69

Photocopied Band and Group Photo and Cartoon undated 

5501 70

Cassette Tapes 

Cassette Tapes in boxes 

Box Box

Box A 

5502 A

November 14 - Armstrong, McCarthy, Gandhi, Booker T. with notes undated 

Service Club Speech - No crook, no boys overseas, no booze, never die, Boss Kett with notes undated 

Gerald Ford at MSU Commencement ' 75 March 25, 1975 

X-Mas Songs undated 

Jr. High Okemos Dixieland Lecture - National Emblem, MSU, Double Eagle with notes undated 

Complete Funny Presidents undated 

September 30 - FDR, Spiro, Chamberlain, Lloyd George, Flinstones with notes undated 

Faunce-Crane-Thornburg Buick Commercial 1996 

Great Sports Events undated 

Great Sports, cont'd undated 

Glory of their Times undated 

Descriptive Catalog - FDR, JFK, MLK, Mussolini, Churchill, Crosby, Ford, Babe undated 

October 14, 1997 - DNA, MLK, Bing, Ike, Reagan, Carter, Allegra, Hitler, March of Time with notes undated 

May 19 - May 20 - Churchill, Truman with notes undated 

1946 undated 

Much SPEBSQU Barbershop - Sweet Adeline, Stars and Stripes with notes undated 

MI Antique Radio Collectors - deForrest, Rosenberg, Hoover, Warner with notes undated 

October 1 - October 3 with notes? undated 

American Indians - Leonard Peltier, Bob Yellowbird, War Dances, Ojibwe "dictionary" with notes undated 

Hadassah undated 

Box B 

5502 B

Hollywood and the Homefront. NBC Special undated 

Virginia Pipeline March 5, 1995 

Busby B'kly to Chipmunks - Berkeley, Cakewalk, David Cassidy, Castles, Chaplin, Chipmunks undated 

Beatlemania through Car Songs - Bond, Brit Invasion, Berkeley, Calypso undated 

Hagman on Dallas January 8, 1997 

Chipmunks, Charleston, Crockett, Death Songs, Elvis Lives, Fantasia, Farrah, General Hospital, Grable undated 

Howdy Doody, McCartney, Medicine Show, Mickey undated 

Unlabeled but with notes? The Cramps, Fugazi, Avail, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Uz undated 

"Biography" Buffalo Bill undated 

British Invasion to Glitter Rock - Downtown, Potion #9, Build Me Up, Buttercup, It's a heartache undated 

Sinatra to Surf Music - Sinatra, Stratemeyer, SuperRealism, Superman, Surf Music undated 

Peanuts to Stratemeyer - Peanuts, popp Art, Elvix, Punch and Judy, Punk rock, Rambo II, Rock Around Clock undated 

Yankee Doodle Dandy Cagney? undated 

Monkees, Marilyn Monroe, Murder Ballads, On the Road, Pantomime undated 

120 min Rambo thru Surf Music - Rambo, Rock around the clock, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sgt. Pepper, Allen Sherman, Silly Superheroes, Sinatra, Stratemeyer, Superman, Surf Music undated 

Rock and Roll History undated 

Adult Westerns to Beatlemania - Horatio Alger, Barbershop, Barnum, Batman, Beatlemania undated 

Beatlemania to Castles - Betty Boop, James Bond, Boogie Woogie, British Invasion, Busby Berkely, David Cassidy undated 

Castles to General Hospital - Chaplin, Charleston Chautauguq, Chipmunks, Buffalo Bill Cody, Davy Crockett, Death Songs, Elvis Alive, Fantasia, General Hospital undated 

Genl Hospital to Monkees - Gertie, Glitter Rock, Grable, Mary Hartman, Howdy Doody, McCartney dead, Medicine Shows, Mickey Mouse, Monkees undated 

Monkees to Pantomine - Marilyn Monroe, Monster Movies, Murder Ballads, Night before Christmas, Ninja movies, O.D.J.B. undated 

Pantomine to Ragtime - Marceau, Peanuts, Pickford, Oldenburg, Warhols, Springsteen undated 

R&M's Laughin, Rocky Horror Pic Show, Sgt. Pepper's band, Allan Sherman, Silly tv super heroes, Sinatra, Peanuts, Mary Pickford, Punk Rock, Rambo II undated 

Surf sing3 undated 

Box C 

5502 C

Ella Tisket/Berle Show undated 

Charleston Django undated 

Buffalo Bill Hist Ch. undated 

Gary Wills Westerns - Inkspots, Artie Shaw, Julius La Rosa undated 

Actualities - Betty Grable, Bob Hope, Mick Jagger turns 50, Davey Jones on Monkees, Murray the K 10 years later, Digby Dell Man who fanned Casey August 11, 2008 

Actualities - Soft sculpture, Christo drapes Reichstag, Jim Europe's Castle Walk Horror Films 

Barbershop undated 

March of the Ents undated 

Berrigan Gets Started - Sing, Sing, Sing; Bonny Berrigan, Rampart Street Paraders undated 

Surfers May 29, 1994 

General Hospital - Luke and Laura return to General Hospital interview and first new show October 29, 1993 

Tony Tim December 22, 1994 

Shirley Temple June 29, 1994 

BG Sing, Sing, Sing undated 

Christo wraps Reichstag June 17, 1995 

September 7 undated 

Lecture - Vonnegut May 22 

October 12 undated 

Quincy Jones on R 'n' R March 7, 1995 

Box D 

5502 D

January 29 - Chancellor, Brinkley on zig, Students bomb, Dogs fail, FBI fails, wine bottles, FBI snoops on innocents, Elenanor's male companion, Jim giggins give FBI eye view on Sadat trip, Love story on Jackson Tate January 29, 1975 

February 7 [May 15] - KY school closed, SLA kills school superin't, Ford won't run, Mrs. Omar Bradley, Ike, Liz II replaces George VI, Beatles arrive undated 

February 13 - Bess is 90, Brezhnev reappears, HK in 3 mideast lands, Fitzsimmons in MidWest, Ford on Wall st., Hi unemployment but good market, housing key, Humane City, gas to $.75, nukes, Israel a dominion, picket Betty's ERA, Pastore, JFK '62, Valentime on Strom, Vietnam starts February 13 - 14, 1975 

February 14 - Feb. 13, 1975, Bess is 90, Brezhnev, Wislon, Kissinger Mideast, Fitzsimmons Midwest, Market's high housing the key, Carla Hills, 2/14/1975, like nuke war, right threats GOP walkout February 13 - 14, 1975 

March 13 - Parke Davis, OPEC, FDR, Geobeld, Czecho Eden, Haggart, Cliff Irving, Darrows, Bobcats undated 

March 14 - Iwo in process, Marx d'83, Casey Jones, Jack Ruby, Einstein, Hitler in Vienna undated 

March 18 - Caruso '02, Indians '90, RFK '66, Sihanouk '70, UofM '37, Cleveland '37, Ike '58, Eleanor '05, Juilli undated 

April 6 - Peary, Washington, Mormons, WWI, Lenin, McCarthy, Murrow, Geo. A. Gay, S.U.V. 106 in 1953 with notes undated 

April 9 undated 

April 12 - '61 Gagarin, 81' Shuttle, '45 FDR, Daley, Jubilee, LaG/NMBulter, Churchill, posthumous FDE 3/1/45 April 12, 1961 

April 26 - Smith '36, John L. '36, Levesque '77, Manson ' 71, BurnsMcD '59, Maugham '74, Watson '15, Garret 4/26/1998 undated 

April 29, 1998 Lions Anselmo - Irish, JoanArc, Mussolini, Dachau, Italy Out, Sevareid, RMN, Duke, Rod, Zubin, Beecham, Juilliard with notes April 29, 1998 

May 10 - "Shadows", Rivera, Wharton on G6, Duffy on Wharton, Caan on Duff, dirt, Hannah farms, DiB on Hannah/MSU Internationl, Jenson NPR, Churchill, Boothby, Speer, Juilliard Love May 10, 1986 

May 13 - MAC '57, BSTears '40, Few '45, ELmD '40, HST '45, Louis '14, SirA, Sullivan '42, Wonder '50, Jim Jones '33 with notes undated 

May 17 - Fight Song, Dean Burch, Wallace 5/17/72, Brown vs. Topeka '54, Senate Wgate '73, McCord, Dean, Weicker, Derby, Israel in Lebanon '82, INFO Please, Jensen, FDR 5/16/40, BOMC loses Grammy, Juilliard wins undated 

May 21 - McP, Engler, Ford, Hannah, Coolidge, Lindy, Earhardt, RFK May 21, 1998 

May 22 - Heath '40, ElmDavis' 40, Byrnes, Conan Doyle '59, Oliver '07, Bliss '37, Wallace '47, LBJ ' 64, Philip '63 with notes undated 

June 8 - Nanop, TeddyK68, Welch/MC, Chuman 1810 with notes June 8, 1995 

August 23 - Sacco, Vanzetti, Jones, Molotov-von Ribbentrop, Mountbatten, Churchill, Golda, Margaret Truman August 23 

August 28 - Hitchhikers '64, MLK, Slaves, Tolstoil, WWII, First Radio commerical, ChiDems 

September 12, 13 - Menchken, Donna, Marne, Iran, Joe Biden, Otis Pike, Allende, Selassie, Hitler, Owens, Gooden, Hesburgh, JFK, FScottKey, Aimee, Hoover/Aimee, Khruschev, Reagan 

November 7 - Kerensky, Compiens, Stalin, No Africa, Kick Around, Adlai/Eleanor, Reagan, FScottFitz, Bradley/Kemp, VietVets, LHBailey, Rollo May, Vonnegut undated 

November 10 - Wilhelm II, Chaim Harzog, Chris Root Angola, Churchill, Montgomery, FDR, JFK, MLK undated 

November 19 undated 

Box E 

5502 E

Juilliard 4 plays MSU Fight Song undated 

May 21 - Sylvia Pinsky undated 

April 29 

June 11, 1998 - Indianapolis, MCP, 1805 Fire, Satchel, Wallace, JFK, Eleanor, Coolidge, Judy G, Bailey, Pope June 11, 1998 

KA Acid Test, "Hip", Tiny Tim, Bond, Sinatra - Electric Kool Aid Acid Test undated 

Stratemeyer to White Christmas - Striptease, Superman, Swing Music, Tax Dance, Tin Pan Alley, Tolkien, TV's Bizarre Families, White Christmas undated 

Tiny Tim. wed to Laughin - Tiny Tim Rolanda, Phyllis Diller on Tim's Tonight show wedding, and laugh in Miss Vickie undated 

Surfing to Twist - Tin Pan, Tim, Tolkien, TV's Bizarre, Twist undated 

Rocky Horror Pic Show undated 

SF Beat Scene - San Francisco Beats undated 

San Francisco - Synder on SF Scene undated 

Ragtime to Calypso - Chas Osgood 9/27/97, Va. Easkin, Belafonte w. Bradley 9/27/97 September 27, 1997 

Physicists - Snow, Rutherford, Einstein, Lederman, Schlegel, Hall, Lederman, Smith, Goudsmit, Oppenheimer undated 

Sinatra turns 80 - with notes? undated 

April 6, 1998 - Peary, Washington, Mormon, WWI, Stravinsky, MCarthy, Jim Jeffries, GAR, Oldest GAR with notes April 6 

Charleston - Billy Sunday undated 

Chatauqua/Brit Panto - Uncle Josh at Chautauqu undated 

Elvis Museum auction, David Cassidy, Danny Bonaducci June 13, 1994 

Warhol undated 

Tom Wolfe to Ziegfield undated 

Horror Films - Binge Drinking undated 

Farrah Fawcett, Neal Cassidy, Horatio Alger June 9, 1997 

Folksinger, Joe Hill, Strange Fruit undated 

Cassette Tapes in Plastic Folders 

Box Folder

Folder A with notes 

5503 A

Reagan, Sinatra, LBJ, Eliot, Menchek, Vidal, Vernon Dick Walters, Jesse Jackson undated 

1943 undated 

Lanset's Garvey Show September 1990 

Rose Bowl w. Pierce undated 

Korn - Speech April 26, 1981 

April 9 - Alma Mater, Rivera, G6, Wharton, Duffy, Caan, Hannah, diBiaggio, Wainw't, Denmark, Norway, Parliament, Titanic undated 

Folder B with notes 

5503 B

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #1 October 21, 1951 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Discs #2 & #3 October 26, 1951 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #4 November 2, 1951 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #5 November 9, 1951 

Liberty Hdye Bailey Discs #6 & #7 November 9, 1951 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #8 November 30, 1951 

Folder C 

5503 C

FDR Cassettes #1-6 

Folder D with notes 

5503 D

Liberty Hyde Bailey Discs #9 & #10 November 30, 1952 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #11 April 15, 1952 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #12 June 26, 1952 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #13 June 22, 1952 

Liberty Hyde Bailey Disc #14 October 10, 1952 

Folder E with notes 

5503 E

Joplin, Jelly Roll, Robert Johnson, Bessie, Louises, Tram undated 

Tatum, Lynneford, Krupa, Eldridge, Carter, Duke, Bud Powell, Sarah Vaughan undated 

Miles, Tadd, Dexter, Monk, Miles, Sonny Rollins, MHQ, Mingus undated 

Celts, Warriors, KnicksRMN, Jensen, Hobart Garret, Othello, Commaner's Club Ladie Night Lansing Country Club April 26, 1985 

April 12 - Shuttle, FDR, Daley, Churchill, FDR undated 

September 12 - Mencken, Donna, Joe Biden, Otis Pike, Selassie, Hitler, Gooden, JFK undated 

Folder F with notes 

5503 F

XMAS Master undated 

Edison, Ford, Lindy, Ike, Mantle, Ride undated 

Michigan Political Science October 16, 1986 

Public relations, Harley House, Tankers in Boston, Layoffs in Autos and Aircraft, undated 

Larry Korn Show August 21, 1982 

Hoffa, Edison, Rabbi Adler undated 

Folder G with notes 

5503 G

MacArthur, Hoffa, Reuther, Spartan Rm Inrl Center undated 

Sacco, Mountbat, Golda, Truman, Gordon Humphrey undated 

FDR's back again, FDR Jones, Der Fuehrer's Face, Mussolini's letter to Hitler, Hitler's letter to Mussolini, Barney Graham, 1913 massacre at Calumet Guthrie undated 

Swiss MLK, JFK, RMN, Fonda, Sinatra, Neil Armstrong, Lennon, Disney, Presley, Ali, Louis Armstrong, Billy Graham for a quiz undated 

March 14 - Iwo '45, Marx d'83, Casey, Ruby guilt, Einstein, Hitler undated 

Sinatra, LBJ, Eliot, Asimov, Capp, Long, Kettering, Vidal, Walters Jesse Jackson May 5, 1986 

Folder H with notes 

5503 H

FDR, Day of Infamy, Churchill, Eleanor, Last wireless from Corregidor undated 

Michigan Dream (2 Cassettes) 

Scandinavian Suite, Moto Perpetuo, Impressions of Egypt, Impressions of Israel in G Minor, Cassandra, Motherless prayer for the homeless celebration Op 6 in F Major undated 


Folder I with notes 

5503 I

57 celebrities for FDR stripped for use undated 

"Focus" w/J.P. McCarthy May 14, 1987 

J.P. McCarthy Focus August 17, 1988 

Canada, Hoover, Ford, Wells, Zeppelin, Alfonso, Gandhi, Orphan Annie, Disney, Kate Smith, Wiley Post undated 

Folder J 

5503 J

Taft, CIO-PAC, Duller, Rieve, Foster, Hayes, William Green, UCRT, Carter, Edelman with notes undated 

Apollo Theatre undated 

Alex Haley, Issac Asimov, Spalding Green, Maya Angelou March 12, 1987 

Sir Winston Churchill, First Honorary Citizen of the United States undated 

50 Years of WJR undated 

Norman Mailer March 12, 1987 

Folder A with notes 

5504 A

October 14 1964 MLK, Dewey/Ike, Ford, Hitler, Merman undated 

HST, Taft, PAC, F.R. Dulles, Rieve, JFK, Foster, Hayes, Green, UCRT, Carter, Edelman undated 

History of Michgian Radio - Zuarry, Rosenberg, Arlen, Lindy, Kaltenborn, Pius XII, Morrison, Pilling undated 

ELOH October 12, 1998 

Feb. 16, 17, 19 IWO, Edison patent, Shah, Chi7 acquitted, Chadwick, Churchill, Edison telegraphers, lamb, Helek Tape undated 

History of Michigan Radio - MOHA October 14, 1995 

Folder B with notes 

5504 B

Allan Sherman, Harry Lewis/Mexican Hat, Sinatra Song is you, Sunny undated 

My Hunger Speech, Downs 20/20, Big Swing Bands, 1940 Shirley Temple yodels, Princess Liz II to Britkids, Dolenz (on ET) on the Monkees undated 

Rock and Roll, Rowan and Mart in undated 

Opera "Marilyn" (Monroe), Marcel marceau on Pantomime, Pasticcio "The Beggar's Opera", Pop art, Viola Liebertz, 2 Mrs. Lennons 

"HarryLews", MexHat Dance, DGlover, SanFran, Addams Family Values undated 

San Francisco thru Las Vegas undated 

Folder C with notes 

5504 C

Juilliard fight song, no bananas, higher Hawaii, Lindy West, Talking Dust Bowl undated 

World War I songs undated 

Willis Conover's VISTA, w. Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, Stan Getz, Woody Herman, Charley Byrd, Stan Kenton, Louis Armstrong, Cannonball Adderley, Gabor Szabo, Thad Jones, FathaHines undated 

Elite vs. Pop Culture, Lionel Trilling, Truman Capote, Leslie Fiedlert, Harold Rosenberg undated 

Noel Coward "Let's not be beastly to the Germans" 1943 undated 

June 11 - Double Helix with Asimov, Watson, Crick, Wilkins, Franklin, and Pauling undated 

Folder D with notes 

5504 D

Adult westerns, Horation Alger, Jr., American gothic, answer songs, Aromarama, Barbershop quartets, Barnum, Batman, and Beatlemania starts undated 

Berle, Betty Boop, James Bond, Boogie Woogie, Busby Berkeley, British Invasion, cakewalk, calypso, Casey at the bat, David Cassidy, Vernon and Irene Castle, Chaplin, Chautauqua undated 

Chimpmunks, Cody, Commercial Folk, Crockett, Dallas, Death Songs, Disco, Elvis is Alive, Farrah, General Hospital, Barney in for Gertie Dinosaur, Grable, Mary Hartman, Lindy songs, Howdy Doody, Keystone Kops undated 

Folder E with notes 

5504 E

Beat Me Daddy undated 

Alive at MSU and Still Alive at MSU undated 

Kuralt piece on David Hockney, HST [Kaltenborn], Howdy Doody, '48 Prez, Monkee Mickey Dolenz w. Larry King, Halberstam on Importance of Elvis/EdSull undated 

Movie serials, Crabbe and Weissmuller, Tarzan, Jungle Jim, Red Ryder, Captain Midnight, Hopalong Kerouac, Ginsberg HOWL Burroughs undated 

McP, Engler, Ford, Hannah, Ford, Fire, Paige, Wallace, Evers, JFK, FDR, Pope, Fight song June 11, 1998 

Rivera, CG, Wharton, Duffy, Caan, Finch, Hannah, DiBiaggio, Rabol, Jensen, Fadiman, Juilliard May 17, 1985 

Folder F 

5504 F

Warhol Museum 5/15/94, Farrah/King, 5/18/94 May 5, 1994 

San Francisco, Beatles after 30 years, Chipmunks/Kermit, Paul is Dead!, General Hospital interview undated 

Florida Gator Dixie, Barney Graham, Seger, Joe Hill, Murder Songs with notes undated 

Kerouac material 1994 undated 

Neal Cassidy, Grateful Dead, and San Fran Sound undated 

Box Folder

Philip Baratta Jr. to Maurice Crane 1994 

5501 72

Additional Items 

Box Folder

Abigail Crane's Resume undated 

5501 73

Crane's Business Card 1996 

5501 74

Lecture Topics for Humanities Class undated 

5501 75

Objectives of the Voice Library undated 

5501 76

Digital Objects unknown 

Text   R Drive
    Box Folder
Computer disks / tapes   5501 71

Concise Chronology of Human Endeavors from 500,000 B.C. to the Present undated 

"Purely Academic: A Polemical Memoir" by Lois Jacobs Zimring undated