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Historical Note

Classes in Forestry began in 1883 under William Beal. The Forestry Course, a four year curriculum, began in 1902 with Ernest Bogue serving as the head of the department. In 1914 the Forestry Department moved into the Old Dairy Building (later called Chittenden Hall). In 1925 Dunbar Forest near Sault Ste. Marie was given to MSU and became the forestry summer camp. In 1950 the three units split away from the Department of Forestry: Wood Utilization (later Forest Products): Fisheries and Wildlife: and Land and Water Conservation (later called Resource Development). In 1966 the Department of Forestry and ifs offshoots moved into the Natural Sciences building. In 1969 Forest Products merged back into the department. In 2000 the Wood Manufacturing and Marketing Program began. A new curriculum featuring concentrations in Forest Conservation and Environmental Studies, Forest Resource Management, Forest Sciences, Urban and Community Forestry, and Wood Products Manufacturing and Marketing began in 2005 to keep pace with the expanding scope of forestry. Source: Department of Forestry Website []

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Scope and Contents note

The records of the Forestry Department consist of research papers, correspondence, pamphlets, and field reports from various counties in Michigan. Also included is a folder of correspondence from C.O. Willets with the Agriculture Research Service, history of the Conservation Nursery at MSU, and materials about maple syrup production including reports, and correspondence. Other notable topics include Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station and Xi Sigma Pi, the forestry honor society. Also included is the student publication Sawdust from 1937 and  Dunbar Forester, a student publication from the Dunbar Forestry camp in 1938.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Michigan State University. Xi Sigma Pi..

Geographic Name(s)

  • Sault Sainte Marie (Mich.)

Personal Name(s)

  • Paris, Clark D.


  • Maple syrup
  • Public schools -- Employees

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Collection Inventory

Box Folder

25th Anniversary Program- Michigan Association of Nurserymen 1947 

527 1

Forestry Student Awards 1957 

527 2

C.O. Willets, Correspondence- Agricultural Research Service 1955-1965 

527 3

Contract with USDA Undated 

527 4

Tree Price Lists 1949-1960 

527 5

Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station 1952-1955 

527 6

Planting by TVA Undated 

527 7

Xi Sigma Pi- Forestry Honor Society Undated 

527 8

Regional Floras and Plant Description 1932 

527 9

Planning Costs and Cost Keeping 1932-1933 

527 10

Forestry Department Classification System Undated 

527 11

Maple Syrup Correspondence 1953-1957 

527 12

Maple Syrup Correspondence 1964-1965 

527 13

Michigan Maple Syrup Producers Addresses Undated 

527 14

Maple Syrup Production in Michigan 1956-1961 

527 15

Maple Syrup- History of the Art 1955-1956 

527 16

Study of the Maple Sap Products Industry 1933-1934 

527 17

Clippings on Maple Sap and Weather Reports 1944-1956 

527 18

Progress report on "Improvement of the Quality of Maple Syrups by Elimination the Contamination of the Sap with Microorganisms and their Metabolic (fermentation) Products in the Tap Hole and During Storage" 1959-1960 

527 19

Progress Reports 1-5 on "A Study Designed to Improve the Quality of Maple Sap by Use of a Germicide in the Taphole to Control Microbial Activity in Maple Sap Without Disposition in the Finished Sap" 1959-1960 

527 20

"Final Report on the Improvement of the Quality of Maple Syrups by Elimination the Contaminant of the Sap with Microorganisms, and their Metabolic (fermentation) Products in the Tap Hole and During Storage" 1957 

527 21

Progress Reports on Maple Sap Cooperative Research Project 1959-1961 

527 22

"Final Report on Maple Sap and Syrup" 1955 

527 23

Conference on Maple Products 1950, 1953, 1956, 1959, 1962 

527 24-25

"The Effect of Date of Tapping on the Yield of Maple Sap from Sterile and Non-Sterile Tap Holes" by James Douglass 1955 

527 26

"Tree Planting in the Central, Piedmont and Southern Appalachian Regions" 1948 

527 27

"Trees and Shrubs for Erosion Control in Southern California Mountains" 1949 

527 28

"Artificial Restoration in the Southern Pine Region" 1935 

527 29

"Soil Survey of Washtenaw County, Michigan" 1930 (?) 

527 30

"The Use of Paper Mulch in the Forest Nursery and Field Plantations" 1932 

527 31

Pamphlets concerning Maple Sap 

527 32

"The Yield of Maple Sap per Taphole" 1960 

"Some Evidences of Premature Stoppage of Sugar Maple Sap Production" 1959 

"Identification of Microorganisms from Maple Tree Tapholes" 1958 

"Correlation Between Microbial Populations and Sap Yields from Maple Trees" 1958 

"An Index by Fields of the Articles on Forestry and Associated Subjects Contained in the Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science Arts and Letters" 1925-1937 

527 33

Miscellaneous Pamphlets and Reports 1939-1947, Undated 

527 34

Field Reports 1938-1942 

Box Folder

Emmet County 

527 35

Genesee County 

527 36

Grand Traverse County 

527 37

Gratiot County 

527 38

Gladwin County 

527 39

Gogebic County 

527 40

Hillsdale County 

527 41

Houghton County 

527 42

Huron County 

527 43

Ingham County 

527 44

Ionia County 

527 45

Iosco County 

527 46

Iron County 

527 47

Isabella County 

527 48

Jackson County 

527 49

Macomb County 

527 50

Manistee County 

527 51

Marquette County 

527 52

Mason Lake County 

527 53

Mescota County 

527 54

Menominee County 

527 55

Midland County 

527 56

Missaukee and Roscommon County 

527 57

Monroe County 

527 58

Montcalm County 

527 59
Box Folder

History of the Conservation Nursery at the MSC 1954 

527 60

Michigan Forest Pest Detection Program Report 1958 

527 61

Forest Planting Stock 1938-1959 

527 62

Forest Products Department Newsletter August 1962 

527 63

Michigan State Pine Needles 1938 

527 64

Prose and Verse Circa 1907 

527 65

"A Soil-less Test of Treated Wood" by Eldon Behr, The International Research Group on Wood Preservation 1978 

527 66

Proceedings of the 45th Annual Michigan Forestry and Park Association Conference 1971 

527 67

Forestry 1981-1983 at Michigan State University 

527 68

The Hardwood Lumber Industry, From Producer to User, Symposium Proceedings 1982 

527 69

Picnic Ground Design Undated 

527 70

Camp Planning and Camp Reconstruction Undated 

527 71

Variable Cost of Felling Program Undated 

527 72

Forestry program brochures 1925-1975 

527 73

Report on the Maple Syrup Tour to Northern Michigan and Aniwa, Wisconsin 1964 

527 74

Fifty Years of Forestry at Michigan State College 1953 

527 75

Workshop brochures 1978, 1987 

527 76

Sawdust [student publication] 1937 

527 77

Dunbar Forester [camp publication] 1938 

527 78

MSC Forestry News, Forestry Alumni Association Newsletter 1949-1953 

527 78

Alumni Association meeting minutes November 1, 2008 

527 80

Alumni Association- letter to alumni 2010 

527 81

Forestry Course 16 exam 1920 

527 82

Michigan State Forester newsletter Spring 1997 

527 83

The Forestry Flier newsletter Spring 1980 

527 84

Scrapbook 180: Cyanotypes of trees, plants, crops, Buildings Undated 

SB 180

Photographs- Michigan State University Collection 

Photographs - MSU

Buildings. Forestry House 

Forestry Department. Classes 

Scenes. Forestry Plats 

Photographs- Forestry Department Collection 


Armenia (4 folders). 

Beal Botanical Expedition, 1888 (11 folders). 

Buildings. Cabin. Model 

Buildings. Chittenden Memorial Cabin (9 folders). 

Campus scenes. 

Classes (4 folders). 

Colorado (2 folders). 


Deforested areas. 

Dunbar Forest Experiment Station. 

Dunbar Forest Experiment Station. Summer Camps (3 folders) 

Exhibits (4 folders). 


Forest fires. 

Forest tours. 

Forestry camps (5 folders). 

Forestry camps. 

Forestry camps. Au Sable Camp, Grayling Michigan 

Forestry camps. Bay City Camp, Bay City Michigan 

Forestry camps. Black Lake Camp, Onaway, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Harrison Camp, Harrison, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Hawks Camp, Hawks, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Higgins Camp, Grayling, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Houghton Camp, Harrison, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Lunden Camp, Atlanta, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Molasses River Camp, Gladwin, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Ogemaw Camp, West Branch, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Pines Camp, Grayling, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Pioneer Camp, Roscommon, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Presque Isle Camp, Onaway, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Sanford Camp, Sanford, Michigan 

Forestry camps. Summer 1910 

Forestry camps. Summer 1912 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1913 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1914 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1916 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1918 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1920 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1921 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1933 

Forestry camps. Summer, 1939 

Lumbering. Camps (3 folders) 

Lumbering. Crews 

Lumbering. Logging roads 

Lumbering. Logs 

Lumbering. Mills (3 folders) 

Lumbering. Peeling logs 

Lumbering. Transporting logs 

Maple syrup. 

Ingham County. 


Organizations. 4-H Club (4 folders) 

Organizations. Forestry Club (2 folders) 

People. Groups 

People. Groups. Unidentified (2 folders) 



Railroad ties. 


School Forests. 




Students. Class pictures. Class of 1932 

Students. Class pictures. Class of 1934 

Students. Class pictures. Class of 1939 


Trees (19 folders). 

Trees (3 folders). 

Trees. Apple 

Trees. Ash, Blue 

Trees. Ash, White 

Trees. Aspen 

Trees. Aspen, Largetooth 

Trees. Aspen, Quaking 

Trees. Balsam Fir 

Trees. Beech 

Trees. Beech. Roots 

Trees. Birch 

Trees. Buttonwood 

Trees. Catalpa 

Trees. Cedar 

Trees. Cherry 

Trees. Chestnut 

Trees. Coconut 

Trees. Cottonwood, Southern 

Trees. Cypress 

Trees. Cypress, Bald 

Trees. Elm 

Trees. Elm, American 

Trees. Elm, Slippery 

Trees. Gum, Blue 

Trees. Gum, Red 

Trees. Hawthorn 

Trees. Hemlock 

Trees. Hemlock, Cones 

Trees. Hemlock, Canadian 

Trees. Hickory 

Trees. Hickory, Shagbark 

Trees. Hickory, Shellbark 

Trees. Juniper, Irish 

Trees. Kentucky Coffeetree 

Trees. Larch, European 

Trees. Leaves 

Trees. Locust. Roots 

Trees. Locust, Common 

Trees. Maple 

Trees. Maple. Growth range map 

Trees. Maple. Leaves 

Trees. Maple, Black. Leaves 

Trees. Maple, Norway 

Trees. Maple, Red 

Trees. Maple, Silver 

Trees. Maple, Sugar 

Trees. MSU museum specimens 

Trees. Nurseries 

Trees. Oak 

Trees. Oak, Bur 

Trees. Oak, Post 

Trees. Oak, Red 

Trees. Oak, Swamp White 

Trees. Oak, White 

Trees. Palm, California 

Trees. Pine 

Trees. Pine, Austrian 

Trees. Pine, Jack 

Trees. Pine, Norway 

Trees. Pine, Pitch. Twigs 

Trees. Pine, Ponderosa 

Trees. Pine, Scotch 

Trees. Pine, White (4 folders) 

Trees. Pine, Yellow 

Trees. Poplar 

Trees. Redbud 

Trees. Sassafras 

Trees. Spruce 

Trees. Sycamore 

Trees. Tamarack 

Trees. Tulip-tree 

Trees. Walnut 

Trees. Walnut. Seeds 

Trees. Yellow Wood 

United States Forest Service. Badge 

Wisconsin. Rhinelander. Logging Museum 

W. J. Brinen Lumber Company. Lumbering. Camps 

W. J. Brinen Lumber Company. Lumbering. Log Marks 

W. J. Brinen Lumber Company. Lumbering. Log rolling 

W. J. Brinen Lumber Company. Lumbering. Mills (3 folders) 

W. J. Brinen Lumber Company. Lumbering. Road building 

W. J Brinen Lumber Company. Lumbering. Transporting logs 

W. J Brinen Lumber Company. Lumbering. Transporting logs. Logging trains 

W. J Brinen Lumber Company. Michigan. Muskegon 

W. J. Brinen Lumber Company. People. Brinen, William, Sr. 

W. J. Brinen Lumber Company. Ships (2 folders) 

Stereo Cards 



stereo cards

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Annual Reports 


Published in State Board Reports 

Bd. of Ag.




































Annual Reports










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#308: (MSU) Forester 

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Glass Negatives 

Box Folder

White Pine Tree 1906 

4366 1

Forest Fire in Pine Region of Lake States March 1912 

4366 2

Cabin in Woods 

4366 3

Cut over White Pines and Cedar Swamp. Example of Natural Regeneration. April 1909 

4366 4


4366 5

Virgin Maple Stand of Timber January 1896 

4366 6

Maple in Northern Michigan June 1911 

4366 7

Map of Penn Twp. Cass County 

4366 8

Map of Easton Twp. Ionia County 

4366 9

Map of Oxford Twp. Ionia County 

4366 10

Large White Pine May 1906 

4366 11

Five White Pines on Hausen Track Grayling, Michigan 1905 

4366 12

Hardwood After Improvement Cuttings 

4366 13

Pine Forest Ludington, Michigan 

4366 14

Open Area in Spruce and Balsam Type Containing Reproduction 

4366 15

Grass Type, Surrounded by Lodge-Pole Pine. Sierra Forest California 

4366 16

Natural Planting, Properly Pruned, Ready for Thinning 

4366 17

"The Woods as it Should Be." The Woodlot 

4366 18

Forest in Saxony 

4366 19

Spruce Black Forest 

4366 20

Mensoration-Growth Diagram 

4366 21

Advanced Beech Growth Under Scotch Pine 

4366 22

Dunbar Station-Experimental Cuttings 1930 

4366 23

Unidentified Negatives 

4366 24

Original Negative Sleeves 

4366 25

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