Thomas A. Brady Papers

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections
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Brady, Thomas Allan, 1902-1964
Thomas A. Brady papers
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0.1 Cubic feet , 1 reel

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Biographical Note

Thomas A. Brady (1902-1964) earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri in 1924. He became an instructor teaching history in 1926 and a professor in 1944. He served as the vice-president for extra-divisional education from 1946 until his death in 1964.

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Scope and Contents note

This collection contains one reel of microfilm containing a series of circular letters to the Presidents of Land Grant Institutions from Russell I. Thackrey, Executive Secretary of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities.

It also includes Statistics of Land Grant Colleges and Universities: Year Ended June 30, 1947 (Federal Security Agency, Office of Education: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1948, Bulletin 48). A series of letters and circulars between Thomas Brady and Lloyd E. Blauch, specialist for land grant colleges and universities and Grant A. Salisbury, Acting Director of Information, Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universites, are also included.

Abbreviations used: TAB - Thomas A. Brady RIT - Russell I. Thackrey GAS - Grant A. Salisbury LEB - Lloyd E. Blauch LGC&U - Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities

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Administrative Information

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Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections

Conrad Hall
888 Wilson Road, Room 101
East Lansing , MI, 48824

Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open for research.

Terms Governing Use and Reproduction

Reproduction and publication restricted, Western Historical Manuscripts Collection, University of Missouri at Columbia.

Ownership and Custodial History

Purchased from Western Historical Manuscripts Collection, University of Missouri.

Location of Originals

Thomas A. Brady Papers, University of Missouri at Columbia Library, Western Historical Manuscripts Collection, 23 Elles Library, Columbia, MO 65201, USA.

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Controlled Access Headings

Corporate Name(s)

  • Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities.
  • United States. Land Grant Act of 1862.


  • Letters (correspondence)
  • Microfilms

Personal Name(s)

  • Blauch, Lloyd E., 1889-1974
  • Salisbury, Grant
  • Thackrey, Russell I., 1904-


  • African American universities and colleges
  • Public lands -- United States
  • State universities and colleges -- United States

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Reproduction Note

Microfilm. Western Historical Manuscripts Collection, University of Missouri at Columbia. 1 reel ; 35 mm.

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Collection Inventory

Circular Letters to the Presidents of Land-Grant Institutions Abbreviations; (To/From) TAB = Thomas A. Brady; RIT = Russell I. Thackrey; GAS = Grant A. Salisbury; LEB = Lloyd E. Blauch; LGC&U = Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities 


7-10-47 RIT TAB ROTC-Transferral of officers of War Department 

9-26-47 TAB LEB Questionnaire on Adult Education Service and administration of 

10-6-47 LEB TAB Veterans training program problems & organization 

2-19-46 TAB GAS Bill to finance studies abroad, exchange students 

2-19-46 TAB GAS Reactions to students studying in American colleges 

2-19-46 TAB GAS Surplus property for temporary housing program, list of regional offices of War Assets Corporation 

2-12-47 TAB RIT Questionnaire on extension centers 

6-2-47 ? LEB Information on short curricula in LGC & U 

10-15-48 TAB RIT Proposal to cut grants-in-aid by 20%, Veterans Program, 4-H program in Saipan, College credit for high school work in languages 

8-11-48 TAB RIT Education Advisory Commission under Smith-Mundt Act, Land-Grant institutions and Advisory Commission, Housing Research, New VA enrollment procedure 

8-14-48 TAB RIT Recommendations of Committee on Civilian Components of the Armed Forces, ROTC Quotas, Deferment procedure 

4-22, 23-48 TAB RIT Minutes: LGC & U Committee on training for government service 

8-13-53 TAB RIT Technical cooperation and land-grant institutions, foreign operations administration 

8-25-53 TAB RIT Air-Force ROTC, Enrollment, Agricultural communications project, Science Foundations scholarships, intergovernmental relationships committee 

9-9-53 TAB RIT U.S. Armed Forces Institute Contracts, ROTC recommendations 

9-17-53 TAB RIT ROTC, Institute Contracts, Korean GI Bill, GI enrollment, Foundations investigation, selective service 

10-1-53 TAB RIT ROTC Contract, Internal revenue Bureau and educational TV, Foundations investigation, intergovernmental relations committee, USDA research education, Science Foundations scholarships 

5-3-48 TAB ? Report on training personnel for agricultural marketing 

10-20-48 TAB RIT Fulbright Funds to European countries, mobilizing science, research program in Naval Reserves, NEA conferences on Federal Aid 

NO DATE TAB RIT Cut in Federal Aid - Land-Grant teaching funds, Federal Security Agency becomes Cabinet Department, VA inspects colleges, College Housing Loan Program, Consolidation of USDA agencies, National Science Foundation budget 

6-16-52 TAB RIT New VA regulations, Korean GI Bill, NEA on Social Security, Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952, Educational TV 

11-5-52 TAB RIT Recommendations by advisory panel on ROTC, Student deferment, VA accreditation, Air Force ROTC, Social Security for public employees 

12-4-52 TAB RIT Ford Foundation, National Citizens' Committee on Educational Television, Un-American Activities Committee, Fall enrollment figures, new regulation on admission taxes 

12-5-52 TAB RIT Major actions of LGC & U Senate at 66th Annual Convention(November 11-13, 1952) Budget, dues, reports, officers 

12-12-52 TAB RIT Nixon amendment to Korean GI Bill, ROTC deferments, federal research funds at non-profit institutions, Point 4 Agreement 

12-29-52 TAB RIT State Revenue and Public Higher Education, steel allocations, enrollment figures, Oklahoma teacher's Loyalty Oath, Vermont Higher Education Study, Cost of Educational TV-California, Ford Foundation, Federal Extension Offices reorganized 

1-2-53 TAB RIT Education investigated by Loyalty Investigation, Korean GI Bill 

1-8-53 TAB RIT Hannah named to Assistant Defense Secretary post for Manpower and Personnel, ROTC Bill, Manpower report, Social Security Bill, Universal Military Training, Comparative enrollments at Public and Private Colleges 

1-15-53 TAB RIT Report of House Committee to Investigate Foundations 

1-15-53 TAB RIT Korean GI Bill, Nixon Amendment, U.S. Budget, College HousingLoan Program, Education investigations, General Hershey on deferments 

1-23-53 TAB RIT National Citizens' Committee on Educational Television, Commercial TV channel at University of Missouri, Income tax exemption and subversives, House Un-American Activities Committee, ROTC Bill, Social Security Bill 

2-3-53 TAB RIT ROTC ceilings, Universal Military Training Bill, Rutger's Case, Social Security Bills, Resources Conference, Faculty salaries, Educational TV, Government Contracts and the Courts, Korean GI Bill and enrollments 

2-13-53 TAB RIT Social Security, Government Contracts and the Courts, Subversives in the colleges, College Housing Loan Program, College teacher shortage, student deferment, ROTC Bill 

2-24-53 TAB RIT Office of Education Funds, Social Security, Federal Security Agency, University Women and accrediting function, Veterans' qualifications for courses, Ford Foundation Center for Behavioral Sciences 

3-4-53 TAB RIT Freshman ROTC, USDA and consolidation, State and Municipal Bond taxation, Ford Grants to Fund for the Republic, Funds for Office of Education Funds Program, Velde Committee, Eisenhower on Universal Military Training, State-owned educational TV chains, Sloan Foundation Scholarships, Submerged oil lands 

NO DATE TAB RIT Social Security Bill, Ford Foundation Grants, Investigation of Education, Surplus Property Donations, Graduate Schools, Educational, plus Property Donations, Graduate Schools, Educational expense income tax deductions, Veterans' Housing, Soil Conservation Service Research 

3-13-53 TAB RIT Federal Security Agency, Foreign Agricultural Service, Educational aspects of Universal Military Training, Grant-in-Aid Program 

3-27-53 TAB RIT College Housing Loan Program, Construction materials allocation, USDA reorganization, Draft Quotas, Nixon Amendment and Church-related institutions, TV programs at Columbia, Social Security, Commission on the Education of Women, Education investigations, National Board of Specialized Personnel 

3-30-53 TAB RIT USDA revised budget, Congressional Education Probes, Air ROTC, County Agricultural building, Federal Aid to nursing education, National Resources Council, International Food Reserve 

4-17-53 TAB RIT Federal Grants for Teaching Funds, College Housing Loan Program. Extension Consolidation Bills, USDA reorganization plans, Flood Prevention, Educational TV, Morrill-Nelson and Bankhead-Jones Fund allocations by state 

4-29-53 TAB RIT College Housing Loan Program, Manpower situation, Extension Consolidation Bill, Educational TV, National Science Foundation, Agricultural research, Thompson School of Agriculture (New Hampshire) 

5-4-53 TAB RIT College Housing Loan Program, Social Security, Western Regional Education Compact, Industrial support of agricultural research, Educational exchange, Student deferment - Gallup poll, Conservation hearing 

5-13-53 TAB RIT College Housing Loan Program, Extension Consolidation Bill, International Association of Universities - membership, Submerged Oil Lands Bill, USDA Reorganization 

5-19-53 TAB RIT Grants-in-Aid for Student teaching, Agricultural appropriations for 1954, Science Foundation Fund, Educational TV, USDA Reorganization 

5-23-53 TAB RIT Bankhead-Jones Funds, Extension Consolidation Bill, Educational Films, Social Security, Common Curriculum for ROTC, Agricultural Reorganization Plan 

5-26-53 TAB RIT Bankhead-Jones Funds, Hospital Construction Act Funds 

6-6-53 TAB RIT VA Student Report Payments, USDA, Reorganization, Medical-Dental ROTC, Information and Technical Assistance Programs, Department of Defense Education Programs, Social Security Extension, Educational TV 

6-19-53 TAB RIT VA Education Subcommittee Hearings, VA Student Report Payments, Extension Consolidation Bill, Western Regional Education Compact Bill, Science Foundation Bill, Judicial Review of Government Contracts 

6-26-53 TAB RIT College Housing Loan Program, Korean GI Payments, Outer-Shelf Revenue, Education Film Rate Billing, Agriculture-Industry Census Funds, ROTC Reorganization 

7-2-53 TAB RIT Military Manpower, Bankhead-Jones Funds, Health, Education and Welfare Budget, College Housing Loan Program, Extension Consolidation Bill, Research Contracts with USDA 

7-21-53 TAB RIT New Korean GI Bill, College Housing Loan Program, Extension Consolidation Bill, US Office of Education Funds, Hill-Burton Act, New Foundations Investigation 

7-27-53 TAB RIT ROTC, Draft, Universal Military Training, Deferments, Korean GI Payments, National Science Foundation, Law Training and the Defense Department, Permanent Farm Advisory Commission 

7-30-53 TAB RIT Foundation Investigation, Department of Defense Appropriations, Office of Education Budget, Surplus Property Hearings, USDA Appropriations, Tax Exemption on Public Bonds, Farm Policy 

7-31-53 TAB RIT Flight Training-Air ROTC, Western Regional Education Compact, Oil-for-Education Amendment 

8-6-53 TAB RIT Officer Training Corps Bill, College Housing Loan Rates, College Housing Programs Study, Social Security Bill, Science Foundation Appropriations, Subversive Activities In Education, Point Four Program Funds 

8-13-53 TAB RIT Postal Reimbursement, AirROTC, Universal Military Training, Armed Forces Institute Correspondence Contracts, Foundations Investigation, Food and Agriculture Organization, Federal Funds for Science 

10-27-53 TAB RIT ROTC, Vocational Education Grants, Institute contracts, Eisenhower on education 

12-3-53 TAB RIT College enrollments and predictions, Korean GI enrollments, Council for Financial Aid to Education, extension 

12-30-53 TAB RIT National Security training, ROTC enrollment, policy on degree-granting authority by governmental institutions, writing the history of land-grant institutions, government university relationships, Flubright selection committee, VA regulations 

1-19-54 TAB RIT House of Representatives Foundations Questionnaire, Universal Military training, ROTC, foreign operations, social security bill, U.S. Budget, tax actions, Air Force Academy, White House conference on education, Jenner Committee 

2-5-54 TAB RIT ROTC property bond, Medical school construction grants, National Advisory Committee on Education, cooperative research on education, educational exchange, Oil-For-Education Bill, Intergovernmental Relations committee 

2-12-54 TAB RIT Manion Commission, Institute Contracts, Taxation of bonds 

2-19-54 TAB RIT ROTC, Intergovernmental Relations Committee, Un-American Activities Commission, Foundations investigation, Council for Financial Aid to Education 

3-3-54 TAB RIT Educational Exchange funds, Intergovernmental survey, Ford Foundation, Technical Assistance Program, Highway safety 

3-12-54 TAB RIT Internal Revenue Code, Educational Exchange Program, Summary History of Federal Aid, College Housing Program, Western Regional Education Programs, Air Academy Bill, Atomic Energy Program 

3-23-54 TAB RIT Tax on college athletics, Revenue Code, Science Foundation, Educational Exchange Fund, ROTC enrollments, Korean GI Bill Foreign Service Academy, College Housing Program 

3-29-54 TAB RIT National Science Foundation, Court review of governmental contracts, Educational Exchange Program, Agricultural Appropriations Bill 

4-6-54 TAB RIT Social Security Bill, College Athletics Tax, GI Bill, College Housing- private participation, White House Education Conference Bill 

4-9-54 TAB RIT Agricultural Appropriation Bill for 1955 

4-17-54 TAB RIT Agricultural Research and Extension Funds, Social Security Act amendment, Technical Assistance Investigation, Vocational Education Grants 

4-27-54 TAB RIT ROTC Loyalty Oath, ROTC limitation, Foreign Operations Contracts, Educational Exchange Funds, College Housing Loans-private bidders 

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Statistics of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities: Year Ended June 30, 1947. Federal Security Agency, Office of Education: US Government Printing Office. (Bulletin 48) Compiled by Lloyd E. Blauch. Emery M. Foster and Maude Farr. 1948 


a. Summary Tables 

Comparative summary of students 1945-6 and 1946-7 

Comparative summary of staff 1945-6 and 1946-7 

Undergraduate degrees conferred by fields 1945-6 and 1946-7 

Undergraduate resident students by fields 1945-6 and 1946-7 

Comparative summary of finances 1945-6 and 1946-7 

Regular session enrollments by level 1936-7 to 1946-7 

Undergraduate enrollments, regular session, by field of specialization 1936-7 to 1946-7 

b. Detail Tables 

Staff of Land-Grant institutions 1946-1947 

Students 1946-1947 

Resident college enrollment by field 1946-1947 

Degrees conferred by field 1947 

General income 1946-1947 

Specifically designated receipts 1946-1947 

Expenditures 1946-1947 

Federal funds received for year ending June 30, 1947 

Land-Grant funds of 1862 (first Morrill Act) and other Federal funds for year ending June 30, 1947 

Receipts and disbursements of Morrill-Nelson and Bankhead-Jones funds for year ending June 30, 1947 

c. Land-Grant Institutions Included 

Alabama Polytechnic Institute 

University of Alaska 

University of Arizona 

University of Arkansas 

University of California 

University of Connecticut 

Colorado A&M College 

University of Delaware 

University of Florida 

University of Georgia 

University of Hawaii 

University of Idaho 

University of Illinois 

Purdue University 

Iowa State College 

Kansas State College 

University of Kentucky 

Louisiana State University 

University of Maine 

University of Maryland 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

University of Massachusetts 

Michigan State College 

University of Minnesota 

Mississippi State College 

University of Missouri 

Montana State College 

University of Nebraska 

University of Nevada 

University of New Hampshire 

Rutgers University 

New Mexico A & M College 

Cornell University 

North Carolina State College 

North Dakota Agricultural College 

Ohio State University 

Oklahoma A & M College 

Oregon State University 

Pennsylvania State College 

University of Puerto Rico 

Rhode Island State College 

Clemson Agricultural College 

South Dakota State College 

University of Tennessee 

A & M College of Texas 

Utah State Agricultural College 

University of Vermont 

Virginia Polytechnic Institute 

State College of Washington 

West Virginia University 

University of Wisconsin 

University of Wyoming 

d. Institutions for Negroes - Totals Given 

State A & M Institute (Alabama) 

A & M & N College (Arkansas) 

Delaware State College 

Florida A & M & N College for Negroes 

Georgia State College 

Kentucky State College 

Southern University and A & M College (Louisiana) 

Princess Anne College (Maryland) 

Alcorn A & M College (Mississippi) 

Lincoln University (Missouri) 

A & T College of North Carolina 

Langston University (Oklahoma) 

Colored Normal I, A & M College (South Carolina) 

Prairie View University (Texas) 

A & I State College (Tennessee) 

Virginia State College 

West Virginia State College 

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