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Clarice Arintha Pretlow

CLARICE ARINTHA PRETLOW, class of 1930, received a Bachelor of Science in home economics. Her home town was Detroit.

William H. Smith

WILLIAM H. SMITH, class of 1937, graduated with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. While at Michigan State, he lettered in football and track. Following graduation, he became a surveyor for the State Department of Transportation as one of the first black field engineers in the state. His career as an engineer spanned 40 years, and he achieved the highest rank of any black individual in the department's history by the time of his retirement.

Frederick D. Smith

FREDERICK D. SMITH, class of 1949, graduated with a bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine. He was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Iverson Bell

IVERSON BELL, class of 1949, was awarded a bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine. At Michigan State he was a member of the Junior American Veterinary Medicine Association, Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and the Sphinx Club.

Ramona Porter

RAMONA PORTER, class of 1950, majored in Spanish and graduated with honors. While at Michigan State she was an active member of Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Honor Society, serving as its Secretary.

Myrtle Pless

MYRTLE PLESS, class of 1950, received a Master of Arts in education at Michigan State. She came to MSU from South Carolina.

Don Coleman

DON COLEMAN, class of 1952, earned a bachelor's degree in business and public service. A varsity football player, he was named All-American in 1951. Coleman was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and Blue Key, a national scholastic and service fraternity.


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