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Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners Meeting

October 9, 2015

Call for Short (5 minute) and Poster Presentations:

Mid Michigan Digital Practitioners at Albion College

The Mid Michigan Digital Practitioners (MMDP) will convene for its next meeting October 9, 2015, at Albion College. This meeting will bring together a wide range of professionals engaged in creating and curating digital collections in Mid-Michigan and the surrounding region, including librarians, archivists, museum curators, historians, and more.

Short Talks
The MMDP Planning Group invites short (5 minute) "lightning talks" on topics ranging from: the start of a new digital project to an update on recent progress; a new digital innovation, a success or failure, or implementation of best-practice; problems encountered and solved, or -- no solution yet; unpacking of on-going struggles; or even rumination on a challenging digital dilemma. Or whatever else you think might be of interest to the group! We would really like to hear from smaller institutions!

Poster Proposals
The MMDP Planning Group also invites poster proposals that can address a wide range of digital practice topics within cultural heritage organizations. Submissions are especially welcome from students!

Talks and Poster Evaluation
The Planning Group will review the topics and posters and come up with an agenda for the meeting. Individuals with talks and posters chosen for inclusion in the October MMDP Meeting will be notified in early August 2015.

To submit a talk or poster, please send an email with your idea to The deadline for submitting talks or poster ideas for the October 9, 2015 MMDP Meeting is July 24, 2015.

The planning committee is currently evaluating topics for a workshop. This event will be held October 8 (the day before the meeting). Current topics under review are structured data reformating and unstructured text mining. If you have a topic suggestion, please contact Ed Busch.

We look forward to seeing you at Albion College in the fall!

(Meeting planning is done by MSU Archives and the MSU Libraries with support from the host institution staff and MMDP members. Twitter comments at #MidMichDP. Join the MMDP listserv.)

Registration will open mid-August.

Please contact Ed Busch with any questions regarding this conference or if you would like to be added to the MMDP listserv.




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